Red Lips BJ - Part 1

THIS SCENE: Posted November 8th 2013
PART 1 of 2: This lucky guy was chilling out at home, looking at some photos I sent him, about to pull out his cock and start jerking off thinking about me. I surprised him by appearing out of nowhere, ready to service his cock with my tits, hands and mouth. I tease him for a minute and give him a lapdance, grinding my ass on his crotch before finally taking out his cock and wrapping my giant tits around it. I jerk his hard cock with my big pillowy breasts ... to see the rest see PART 2!

Red Lips BJ - Part 2

THIS SCENE: Posted November 8th 2013
PART 2 - I continue tittyfucking his delicious hard dick until I just can't resist anymore and have to wrap my lips around it, too. I suck and lick his cock voraciously, even pausing for a minute to reapply my red lipstick... (It's important to maintain one's appearance while sucking cock! LOL!) When I see how close to cumming he gets, I start encouraging him to blow his big hot load right into my mouth. I show it off for a minute before swallowing every last drop. Mmmmm :) This blowjob/tittyfucking adventure leaves red lipstick on my hands, tits and my chin... looks messy, but that's what getting cum is all about!

Siri & Kiki D'Aire Boob Play

THIS SCENE: Posted November 5th 2013
Kiki D'Aire WORSHIPS Siri's luscious tits in this sweet video - she plays with them, licks them, and sucks on them! Siri enjoys every second of this wonderful breast-worshiping.