Super Siri!: Power Grrl & The Revenge of King Pimp

THIS SCENE: Posted October 18th 2013
Power Girl arrives at the lair of King Pimp, a villain who runs an illegal prostitution ring. However instead of the villain himself, she finds a written note stating that his chemical drug "Bliss" will turn Power Girl into one of his whores! The superheroine scoffs at the note, but just moments later she faints due to the inhalant... and when she wakes up, Power Girl's transformation into a completely wasted WHORE accelerates at quite an alarming rate. (based on a fan-submitted script!)

Power Grrl and Wonder Randy VS. Dr. Bug Eye

THIS SCENE: Posted October 15th 2013
Power Grrl leaves Wonder Randi (Randi Wright) at home to go pick up some dinner ingredients at the grocery store. You know, as superheroines do. But Wonder Randi is taken by surprise by the evil Dr. Bug Eye, who's had his buggy eyes on her for quite some time! He chloroforms Randi but before he can finish the job, Power Girl returns, having sensed his evil presence. But Dr. Bug Eye came prepared to deal with PG and he whips out his mind control device. Once both heroines are under his control, he forces them to dance for him and act like animals! What will be the outcome??? Watch to find out!

BTS: Siri and Alan Stafford, Part 2

THIS SCENE: Posted October 11th 2013
Here's part 2 of the BTS footage from my boy girl/scene with Alan Stafford!