BTS: Siri and Alan Stafford

THIS SCENE: Posted October 8th 2013
Here's some BTS footage of my boy girl/scene with Alan Stafford! And there's more to come!

All About Melody

THIS SCENE: Posted October 4th 2013
From the mind of VNA member Bretzky! More hot calf-fucking, tit-fucking, blow-jobbing action from me and super cute newcomer Melody Jordan!


THIS SCENE: Posted October 1st 2013
It's clear to me from reading the comments on my #bouncytime Vines (not familiar with the Vine app? Lucky you! Go watch my "best of Siri on Vine" video!) that y'all can't get enough of my tits bouncing up and down and all around like crazy. So here's 5 minutes straight of just that!