Let's Get Physical!

THIS SCENE: Posted September 27th 2013
You all loved my "She Works Out" photo set and many of you requested another workout-themed shoot! So here you go!

Return of the Bejeweled Ass

THIS SCENE: Posted September 20th 2013
I'm back for round two of hot ass-cheek-spreading, ass-fingering, butt-plug inserting action! Enjoy this sequel to my scene Bejeweled Ass. I just can't get enough of putting things in my sweet little asshole! ;)

Diving Mask Masturbation!

THIS SCENE: Posted September 17th 2013
I've always wondered what it would be like to masturbate while wearing a diving mask (no, really, I have). And I found out that it's actually quite pleasurable! Something about the limited breathability of it covering my nose, and the limited vision as the mask fogs up from my increasingly heavy breathing, heightens my other senses and makes for a REALLY INTENSE orgasm! Enjoy watching me pleasure myself and cum over and over again in this hot masturbation video! It may be a little "out there" but I sure enjoyed making this video and I hope you enjoy watching it!