Creeping On Siri POV

THIS SCENE: Posted August 30th 2013
Siri is enjoying some "alone time" masturbating in her bedroom, when you walk in on her. Luckily she is so absorbed in her own pleasure that she doesn't notice you. But after a few minutes, you accidentally make a sound. Upon seeing you, Siri tells you that your punishment for being a creeper is that you now must watch her come OVER and OVER again, and you're not allowed to touch yourself at all!

BBC Dildo Play

THIS SCENE: Posted August 27th 2013
This video was created on custom-order for a fan who knows how much I love chocolate. :) This dildo is bigger than most of the real-life cocks you have seen me fuck in porn! In this POV style video, I take it nice and slow at my own pace. I even encourage you to fill my pussy with a sweet creampie at the end! Heehee.

Sharing is Caring

THIS SCENE: Posted August 23rd 2013
Siri and Dayna are step-sisters who couldn't have less in common. Dayna is very sexually experienced, yet Siri is a shy virgin who has never had any experience with a guy before. But tonight, Siri is about to go on a date with the guy whom she knows will be her first time. Unsure of herself, she goes to ask her big step-sister Dayna for some help. Dayna is kind enough to call over her boyfriend Anthony to show Siri some of her moves, but the show-and-tell quickly devolves into a suck-and-fuck involving lots of participation from Siri!