Super Siri!: Power Grrl VS Dark Dawg

THIS SCENE: Posted August 20th 2013
Dark Dawg is a dirty, dirty doggy and Power Grrl is determined to defeat him! PG, however, is not prepared for the Dawg's assault of kryptonite-laced chemical inhalant. After knocking her out, he pumps his dank lair full of the gas to keep our superheroine subdued and submissive while he binds her hands and legs. He then delights in teasing and playing with her like she's a helpless, luscious little blow-up doll.

The Domination of Alison

THIS SCENE: Posted August 16th 2013
Alison Tyler is back for some more crazy fucking adventures with Ike and Siri! This time Alison thinks she's coming to have lunch with me. Actually, I just want to watch Ike fuck her calves, tits and throat! And stay tuned for the awesome pop shot, where Ike blow his big load between me and Alison's tits-and-ass sandwich! From the creative mind of VNA member Bretzky! ;)

Super Siri!: Power Grrl and Spectra: Captured

THIS SCENE: Posted August 14th 2013
Power Grrl confronts Spectra about those strap-on shenanigans in Spectra's lair recently, and it looks like the superheroines are about to get into a fight - when suddently The Mad Scientist creeps up out of nowhere and chlorforms Spectra! Power Grrl, because she hates Spectra, is very pleased with this fortunate turn of events... until the Scientist attacks her as well with his kryptonite-laced inhalant. The Mad Scientist then uses his mind-control device to hypnotize both of the superheroines and use them for his disturbing "experiments," which of course include a bit of fondling of their luscious bodies.