Super Siri!: Spectra VS Power Grrl

THIS SCENE: Posted August 10th 2013
Power Grrl arrives at the lair of Spectra (played by Dayna Vendetta), intent on subduing the villainess. A confrontation quickly ensues, but PG is taken by surprise when her powers seem to be useless against the evil Spectra! Spectra pins PG against the wall, gaining enough control over the superheroine to bind her wrists and force her into the bedroom of the lair. Spectra then pushes PG onto her bed, where she proceeds to absorb more of Power Grrl's superpowers using her very dubious sexual mind- (and body) fucking methods!

Craving a Creampie

THIS SCENE: Posted August 9th 2013
Siri is selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door on a hot summer's day, and aside from being beat by the heat, she's also frustrated that nobody wants to buy any magazines from her! However, potential customer Tony Martinez is one sly fox, convincing Siri that he'll subscribe to magazines galore if she lets him feel her big soft tits... and maybe a little bit more.

Opposites Attract

THIS SCENE: Posted August 2nd 2013
It's true, Opposites Attract! Watch me attract ultra-cute little spinner Trinity St. Clair to my pussy like it's a magnet! This is a hot Girl/Girl scene full of contrasts - tall/short, thick/thin, huge tits/little tits, light skin/dark skin... the only thing we're NOT opposites about is our ravenous love for eating each other out!