Bejeweled Ass

THIS SCENE: Posted July 26th 2013
Here's a first-time treat for all of my site members! I've been keeping my tight little asshole to myself for such a long time, and so many of you have begged me to start putting things in there (mostly cocks). There's no cock in my ass here (not YET anyway) but there IS this glorious bejeweled butt plug, which I'm in LOVE with. My favorite part of the scene? After I cum super hard a few times, when I pull the plug out of my ass it makes the most satisfying POP noise! Yup, that sure is a tight ass. ;)

Exxxotica Chicago 2013 GoPro Hero BTS!

THIS SCENE: Posted July 26th 2013
One more hot video shot at Exxxotica Expo Chicago! Watch me, Vicky, Charlee, Gabby, Deauxma, Angelina, and Sara! Also get some lovely fisheye lens vid of me sucking on my favorite cock-shaped lollipop!

Lotion Bukkake

THIS SCENE: Posted July 20th 2013
This is quite a unique video. You see, I've always wanted to try bukkake. But logistically it's so hard to get a bunch of guys over all at the same time and get it on film! So I decided to try a little DIY lotion "bukkake" at home on my own. The cum may not be real, but my euphoric enjoyment of being completely covered in it is! I talk to you about how much I love getting my tits covered with cum and at the end I encourage you to jerk off and give you a countdown to blasting your own huge cum load all over my tits.