BTS: Siri and Kurt

THIS SCENE: Posted July 12th 2013
Kurt just can't keep his hands off my tits, before we even start filming our scene! Oh, and my inverted nipples make a surprise appearance.

BTS: Siri and Maggie Green

THIS SCENE: Posted July 9th 2013
Maggie and I talk about when our big tits started developing.

Baking Brownies With Siri

THIS SCENE: Posted July 4th 2013
I'm not much of a cook, but I love baking! Cookies, brownies, you name it... so come into the kitchen with me and let me entertain you with my naked baking skills. I even find a creative way to pass the time while waiting for the brownies in the oven, and it involves a Hitachi wand. Enough said.